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Amanda L. Harris, LCSW
Online counseling in Illinois

Whether you are an overwhelmed anxious mom, a couple looking for more connection or a first responder caught in the middle of balancing family and your career......   

 You have come to the right place!


Individual Therapy

Anxiety, parenting, general life concerns and first timers to therapy.


Couples Counseling

Building or rebuilding and maintaining your bond is crucial because your relationship faces unique challenges.  I can help you implement strategies that are specific to your needs. 


First Responders

Realistic goals for wellness

Flexible scheduling

Concrete, actionable steps and tools that provide relief


First Responder Spouses

Reclaim yourself. Change your family's story. 

Therapy Sessions
I'm on a mission to help revitalize families. 

I've walked where you walk and now know a better way.  Let me help.

About me

Trauma Counselor

Over 15 years Experience

First Responder Wife

Mom of a Blended Family of 6

Resilient. Revitalized. Reconnected.

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