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Couples Counseling

Another day, another fight!  You knew marriage would be challenging but you didn't know just how lonely and hard it would be. The person you once loved has now become the person you avoid or feel like you don't even know anymore.  Do you feel like each attempt to connect ends in a slammed door, silent treatment or someone sleeping on the couch?

Perhaps you are feeling guilty about how your job affects your family.  Maybe your anger and inability to express your emotion is leaving you backed into a corner.  Finding empathy and generosity towards one another seems like a far fetched goal.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  There is a better way.


If your experiencing dissatisfaction in your relationship there are steps you can take to repair this connection.  Learning effective communication and conflict resolution skills will help a couple to better navigate the ups and downs of life.  Therapy often allows couples to let their guard down and explore some of the harder topics such as intimacy, parenting, finances and boundaries.  Fulfilling relationships don't happen automatically.  If you want change, couples therapy can make a drastic difference.  Let me help you move forward on a more connected path.   

With flexible scheduling and non-judgmental approach - together in couples counseling,
I will help you to

- Increase your empathy
and connection towards one another
- Better understand each other’s worlds
- Utilize resilience tools
- Understand one another's anxiety and depression
- Communicate more effectively
-Explore attachment styles
-Regulate during triggered events


Get Started On Your Better Way Today.

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