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Individual Therapy

Life feels hard sometimes.  Perhaps you look around and see a ton of good in your life, but you worry so much that its hard to enjoy it.  The prevalence of social media, societal pressures and fast paced cycle of news coverage doesn't help either.    


Maybe you are feeling empty, detached angry or lost even though you have all the things you thought would make you happy. Many of us were taught to never give up, have faith, keep going as your feelings will pass.   But when these strategies don't seem to work anymore and your sleep, relationships, motivation and eating habits are out of sorts, a different perspective may be helpful.


The idea of therapy can be a bit overwhelming, but its part of the journey towards feeling better and supporting you and your family differently.  Sometimes there can be a lot to talk about, much to unpack. Finding a comforting space to talk about all the emotions can be tremendously beneficial. 

Maybe you have a feeling that your past is affecting your future somehow and you want to explore this. Perhaps you want to have healthier boundaries that foster more connected relationships.  Or maybe you are just wanting to make sense of something that is happening in your life. 

Clients come to me looking for a way to feel ok even when things around them might feel out of control.  You don't have to keep feeling this way alone. I am here to help you embrace a better life.  It all starts with phone call or email.  

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