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Individual Therapy

Are you feeling exhausted with always trying to hold it together? Life feels hard sometimes. The idea of therapy can be a bit scary, but its part of the journey towards feeling better and supporting you and your family differently. Balancing schedules, taking care of everyone but yourself, I get you! Sometimes there can be a lot to talk about, much to unpack. Perhaps you are experiencing parenting challenges, relationship difficulties or in the middle of a life transition. Finding a comforting space to talk about all the emotions can be tremendously beneficial. 

Maybe you have a feeling that your past is affecting your future somehow and you want to explore this. Perhaps you want to have healthier boundaries that foster more connected relationships.  Or maybe you are just wanting to make sense of something that is happening in your life. 

Clients come to me looking for a way to feel ok even when things around them might feel out of control. Most of my clients often struggle with feeling hypervigilant on a regular basis. Trying to balance that energy at work while finding intimacy and connection with your family is overwhelming and very confusing at times.

My approach is direct and enthusiastic while trying to incorporate a little bit of humor. I enjoy working with individuals and couples in many different phases of life. But most often, I do best with those who are truly interested in making some changes. I'm very invested in my clients and hope to offer them honest, valuable feedback geared towards life long change.

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