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About Me

Trauma Counselor | First Responder Wife | Mom of Four


  Hi! I'm Amanda.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in working with adults and first responders.  I am glad you are here. Let me tell you a little about myself.

  My undergraduate degree is from Western Kentucky University and I received my Masters from the University of Louisville.  My foundational experiences were in foster care, forensics, domestic violence, pediatric trauma, adult trauma and hospice. I hold clinical certifications in Trauma and Mindfulness for anxiety, depression and intimacy. I utilize a strengths based approach drawing upon CBT, DBT, ACT and somatic interventions. Each client may need something different in order to reach their potential.

   When I am not seeing clients, I teach gymnastics at a local gym for fun. At home, I love to spend time with my kids, work out, do Yoga, cook, garden, travel and read books.  My family spends a lot of time outside and I often encourage the same of my clients!  We also have a German Shepherd named Deuce that works with my husband.  He will sometimes join us for sessions :)


  I see all adults in my practice however first responders and their families have become my main area of focus.  I have seen respect for first responders dramatically decline over the past few years which has put even more pressure on individuals who already work in a flawed and broken system.  While looking for the right therapist, many first responders are challenged with explaining the logistics of their work (schedules, rank, duties etc.) There is also the challenge of finding a therapist who can hear about your calls while staying grounded and holding space. 

 As the wife of a first responder and after working many years in the field, I get you.  I understand the dark humor, the challenges of transitioning from work to home mode, the exposure to trauma and the need for being the best at solving problems!  

   Helping First Responders and their families is my passion.  If I can help even one family, I’ll know I have fulfilled my purpose. 


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